We made a collection of old music that our students´ grandparents used to listen when they
were young. Every participant school chose three songs for the collection CD which was
published in a project meeting in Naples in February 2010.
Here are the sound clips of all the songs in the CD:
Country song in mp3 (click the title) performed by (year)
Austria Die Süssesten früchte (The Sweetest Fruit) Peter Alexander (1952)
  Marina Rocco Granata (1959)
    Sugar sugar baby Peter Kraus (1958)
Finland Ranskalaiset korot (French High Heels) Helena Siltala (1959)
  Hopeinen kuu (Silvery Moon) Olavi Virta (1952)
  Pohjolan yö (Northern Night) Tapio Rautavaara (1960)
Italy Tu Si na Cosa Grande Students of N. Copernico School
  'O Sole Mio Students of N. Copernico School
  A città 'e Pulecenella Students of N. Copernico School
Portugal Uma casa Portuguesa (A Portuguese House) Amália Rodriguez (1952)
  Pomba Branca (White Pigeon) Max (1960)
  Cartas de Amor (Love Letters) Tony de Matos (1955)