Starting questionnaire  
  In October 2008 we made a starting questionnaire to all of the students participating in the project.  
  Students asked their grandparents about their life; their opinions about how the world has changed  
  since they were young, what do they think  about the teenagers of today and what are the most  
  important things  in their lives now when they are older.  We asked also what do our   students know                            
  about other participant countries.  
  Here are some guestions and the answers:  
  Question: What has changed since they were young?  
    "They couldnīt do anything of those things that we can do today."  
    - Pasqualina, 15 years. Italy -  
    "Almost everything has changed: food, school, computers, traffic.  
    Many people were poor."  
    - Ellanoora, 14 years. Finland -  
    "The way of living has changed, the technology has advanced so  
    the mentality has improved. There were sad days."  
    - Catarina, 14 years. Portugal -  
    "After the second World War people had not enough to eat, my  
    grandmother had to manage her life without her husband because  
    he died in the war. The children had to work at the farmers and food  
    could be buyed only with special food cards."  
    - Lukas, 13 years, Austria -  
  Question: What is better/worse now than when they were young?  
    "Improved security of the country, better living conditions and  
    better conditions in hospitals."  
    - Andreia, 17 years. Portugal -  
    "Now we live in comfort and with technology: we can communicate easily  
    but we spend too much time watching TV and playing computer games."  
    - Maria, 15 years. Italy -  
    "Now we have great ways to study and we can choose where we  
    want to study. And of course we have lots of electronics, houses are  
    better too... Living is much easier."  
    - Jenni, 14 years, Finland -  
    "Now we have better school education, more jobs and better  
    living conditions."  
    - Tanja, 13 years, Austria -  
  Question: What are the most important things in their lives now?  
    "My grandmother thinks that the most important thing is to live her life  
    happily with my family."  
    - Daniela, 16 years, Italy -  
    "To appreciate what we have, like the love that is given from our family,  
    to find peace with your mind and also in the most simple things in your life."  
    - João, 14 years, Portugal -  
    "Health, grandchildren, family, travelling."  
    - Julia R., 13 years, Austria -  
    "They use to say that we, their grandchildren are the most important  
    thing for them."  
    - Helea, 14 years, Finland -  
  Question: What do they think about young people of today?  
    "They are good young people and the society should give them  
    all the support that they need to grow and develop."  
    - Ellinoora, 14 years, Finland -  
    "Young people arenīt as friendly and helpfully than in former days."  
    - Mario, 14 years, Austria -  
    "They think that young people are more intelligent but they donīt have  
    enough respect for the old ones."  
    - Guilherme, 14 years, Portugal -  
    "They know that there are lots of bad guys now but they know that  
    there are also lots of good people so they trust in young people."  
    - Claudio, 16 years, Italy -  
  Question: What would be their best advices to give to the young  
    people to get a happy life?  
    "Focus in your studies because it is going to be your future."  
    - Cláudia, 15 years, Portugal -  
    "Stay away from the drugs and get a good education and job."  
    - Jiri, 14 years, Finland -  
    "Live a quiet and always positive life without stress because itīs  
    the best way to be happy."  
    - Nadia, 14 years, Italy -  
    "Peace in the family, accepting advices from adults."  
    - Andreas, 13 years, Austria -  
  Question(from the students): What do you know about Finland?  
    "The country of Santa Claus of course! Everything is white like the snow."  
    - Dario, 16 years, Italy -  
    "I know that Finland is a cold country and that they invest much  
    in education and culture."  
    - Guilherme, 14 years, Portugal -  
    "Capital is Helsinki. Country with many lakes."  
    - Laura, 13 years, Austria -  
  Question (from the students): What do you know about Italy?  
    "Veeery good football team and pizza was born there."  
    - Santeri, 14 years, Finland -  
    "Itīs in the South of Europe, there is a Sea."  
    - Julia P., 13 years, Austria -  
    "I know that Italy is a rich and beautiful country with lots of  
    history and monuments."  
    João, 14 years, Portugal -  
  Question (from the students): What do you know about Portugal?  
    "Lisbon, Atlantic Ocean, football (Cristiano Ronaldo)."  
    - Julia R., 13 years, Austria -  
    "I know about football: in the Portuguese team plays Cristiano Ronaldo."  
    - Emiliano, 15 years, Italy -  
    "Itīs a pretty small country between Spain and Atlantic Ocean.  
    Itīs warm there."  
    - Laura, 14 years, Finland -  
  Question (from the students): What do you know about Austria?  
    "Mountains with an amazing view and thermal waters."  
    - Andreia, 17 years, Portugal -  
    "Vienna, the capital is fantastic!"  
    - Alessia, 15 years, Italy -  
    "Capital city is Vienna. Strauss comes from there.  
    There are many mountains in Austria."  
    - Aino, 14 years, Finland -