"The European Dimension in Career Guidance and Counselling
for Young Students" -course was held in Madrid 16-22nd of May 2004.

Here are the trainers and their mottos:

Karin Asplund   Marian Alvarez   Mick Carey
Sweden   Spain   United Kingdom
"Everything is possible as long as you believe in it"   "Donīt worry, be happy! Carpe Diem (live the life, itīs really short!"   "Have your own timetable and grow old disgracefully"

And hereīs the trainees:

Alina Munteanu   Ana Lopes   Anita Edvinsson
Romania   Portugal   Sweden
"To win is not necessary, the most important is to try"   "Be persistent and try hard, you will get all you want from life... or at least almost everything"   "Carpe Diem"


Anna-Lotta            Östvall-Åstrand   Benita Gullblom   Britt-Mari Lindberg
Finland   Finland   Sweden
"Go for it!"   "Nothing is impossible!"   "Thank you for the music"


Ecaterina Brinza   Ilze Sakars   Ingbritt Eriksson
Romania   Sweden   Sweden
"Be happy all your life!"   "People singing in choirs tend to be happy, so join a choir"   "Be happy and positive"


Livia Nasta   Maria Paschalides   Marina Patsidou
Romania   Greece   Greece
"Life is beautiful!"   "Live every moment of your life as itīs going to be the last"   "If you donīt put your feet on the earth, you never use to stand on it"


Nikoletta Loizou   Pekka Laitinen   Photini Christoforou
Cyprus   Finland   Cyprus
"Always think positive"   "Music really does make the world a better place"   "Hope and positive thinking must be our strongest believe"


Riitta Koukkari   Stig Svanberg   Thomais Katsikopoulou
Finland   Sweden   Greece
"The smile you send to the world comes back to you"   "Love, Peace and Understanding!"   "Life is the best present is given to us, even though its problems and difficulties"


Vasileia Nicolaou  
"I wish that all of you have health, love and patience so you can overcome all the difficulties life is giving to us"